An immersive cocktail show that transports you to a magical world set in an alternative New York City.
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do you wish to become a villain?
In a world where magic is forbidden, a sorcerer's daughter is stepping inside the last magical speakeasy — a former prison for magicians — to investigate her father's disappearance.

Follow her if you dare...
to uncover
photos by katiekhromova
  • I had so much fun at this show!! The actors were incredible and super committed to making it a magical experience. The drinks were amazing too!!

    Ally Bouska
    Google reviews
  • A great different kind of night out. If you've ever been to a murder mystery show you'll really like this. 20 people are less are involved. You get three drinks. Definitely worth a shot
    Lisa Moldovan
    Google reviews
  • Me and my group had an amazing experience. Everyone involved will really get you immersed into the story like and the drinks were well crafted and tasty. An easy recommendation for those who like interactive theater or want a unique drinking experience with their friends.
    Christian Arroyo
    Google reviews
  • I cannot recommend this experience enough! It combines elements of a show, with an escape room, drinks are included, as well as tarot card readings. This experience absolutely does it all and does it really well. They were even able to accommodate that I cannot have alcohol while preparing my drink. Plus the experience was very immersive. Completely phenomenal!

    Kimberly Halloran
    Google reviews
how does it work?
Arrive at a Secret Location
in Midtown.
Receive a cloak — the uniform of an aspiring magician.
Enter the space — a bar secretly run by a magician.
Immerse yourself in the mysterious plot, unmask the truth by solving riddles and following the actors.
Throughout the show, you are presented with three different drinks. But stay cautious: you will need magic to get some of them.
Towards the end of the show, we use a strobe light effect.
become a part of the mystery
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